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Who makes the softest .40 sw off the shelf?

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Thanks, but I am shooting USPSA Limited Major. I did try Atlanta Arms .40 S&W 180gr JFP. No problem with tumbling, but the range on the velocity was wide.

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Ive used quite a bit of Precision Delta 180s long.  Great shooting round.  Also, check out Black Dot Ammo.  Reg and Long are very nice and priced great.  I used all these before reloading.

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20 hours ago, The-S said:

So did the 205 syntech clear up in your CZ? 

No. I no longer use 205 Syntech. Too many keyholing problems. I am told by some that the combination of the CZ barrel and the low velocity of the 205 Snytech round contribute to the keyholing. I have experienced no keyholing with any other ammo.


I am having extraction and feeding problems with my CZ TSO .40. I am currently trying different factory and remanufactured factory brands of ammo. I am looking close at the PF of each. CZ-USA is advising me to only try different quality factory ammo. No reload or remanufactured. I am currently working with a gunsmith at CZ-USA. He's been terrific. I plan to follow his advice and report my findings to him. I will update this thread when and if I find one brand and have a few thousand rounds without any problems.


I personally know three people that have CZ TSO's. All say they have no problems with any ammo (factory, remanufactured, or reloaded). I am concerned that my TSO doesn't like any of the nine ammo brands I've tried so far. 

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I would use JJR FMJ-Major, Black Dot, and Sellier & Bellot in my CZ TSO .40 because they all ran well with a 16# recoil spring. The front sight went up and came down right on target every time. CZ-USA will not warranty proper function of the pistol when using remanufactured ammo. They also recommend using the 16# recoil spring. Below is the PF of each ammo I tested with a chronograph. 

New Ammo

Federal Syntech 205gr   176 PF (tumbling problems )

SIG Sauer Elite Performance 180gr   175 PF (expensive)

Sellier & Bellot 180gr  177 PF

Everglades  FMJ  180gr    187 PF

Winchester White Box 180gr   188 PF


JJR FMJ-Major 180 gr    172 PF

Black Dot 180gr    173 PF

Atlanta Select 180gr    175 PF

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