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Fiddling' With Sights

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So, the day before a two-match weekend, I decided to fiddle with the rear sight on my S2. I noticed that the blade was not centered on the dovetail and figured it had moved at some point between my last range session and when I noticed it. So, I bust out the mic and the MGW sight pusher and get to centering.


Saturday, match 1. Missing lots of A zones and grabbing up some hardcover and NS all to the 9 o'clock. Go home wondering what the heck I was doing - I shadow of doubt has infiltrated my mind. When I miss, it is normally 6 o'clock; any other direction 9/3 is only when I swing through targets. Well, Sunday, match 2, rolls on up. Same thing! Bookout Boogie is the classifier and I am taking what I feel are very controlled shots and boy let me tell you, I earned lots of hardcover Ms that stage. Last two stages I just stop caring about what I am or am not doing and run the gun and do decently well - they were hoser stages so didn't matter much. The doubt in my mind had been really putting the brakes on everything up to that point.


HIt the range late Sunday afternoon and shoot some sandbag rested groups and sure enough, 9 o'clock is still happening. Make an adjustment with the MGW and all is right with the world again. Shoot some standing 25 yard bulls and tear up the ten ring. 


Let this be a lesson. Don't fiddle without verification and don't trust that center on the dovetail is actually true POI center!

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I have a friend that actually adjusted the scope on his rifle throughout a three day match every night in the air bnb. He still couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t hit anything. Smh! We tried to tell him, zero before, adjust then, not in the middle. It does help to double check everything for tightness etc. 


thanks for sharing your pain! 

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