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I would have to go with it being a safety liability. 

Too easy to miss the already hard to hear commands on the line. 

Last thing we need is an emergency call for cease fire and not hear it due to added unnecessary background noise. 

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On ‎8‎/‎4‎/‎2018 at 9:54 PM, BoyGlock said:

Yes I bluetooth w/ my Peltor sport tac 500 so its wireless. But even w/ wires in my msa sordins I connect w/ the iphone. I just run the wires inside my shirt. I usually play it at walk thru, and when programming the stage in my mind. Sometimes I just play it when Im on LAMAR. Theres a little distraction and  makes me focus less harder w/c helps me to be not so overeager to perform at speed. Seems it counters too much adrenaline w/c could wreck my runs. It may not be for everyone. My buddies wont even try it. But I think its worth exploring. 

Sounds like something I could see myself trying for sure!

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I’ve never listened to music during the stage but love to before and after. Personally I think anything that prevents you from “over focusing” is a good thing

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During a stage, I would be worried I would miss a stage command but like others have stated, I enjoy before and after. Music can definitely make a long waiting period go by quicker. 

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I like to hear everything I can from my surroundings when shooting on the clock. I like to hear the magazine going into the grip, and my slow exhalation while I manipulate the trigger. I’m really into the front sight and anytime I have tried music, I simply don’t hear it. Grew up in the age of acoustic miniaturization and am fond of these things. I just don’t listen. I have a pretty loud internal dialog as I shoot a stage. Typically it’s something like:


Gun on table

mag in

Rack it! Front sight!

2, 2, 

move, gun up

Steel steel reload!

step left, gun up at right

move move gun up

2,2 going right step and reload on move

gun up plant 2, 2, 2,2

finished ULSC

Afterwards I’m listening to my self critique of my execution as I pick up my brass or tape depending on how the squad is running.

Cant use them scoring or running other shooters.

On the way to the range my daughter gets the radio. On the way home I do.

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I like to listen to music while I work, whether it's at home, work, of the gym. I like the background noise, but it has never occurred to me to play music while I shoot. There are some occupations that have safety sensitive positions, that prohibit music so the operator/personnel can hear alarms. For example drilling rigs. If you miss an alarm it has the potential to cost you your life. To me, while I'm shooting a match, I need to be able to hear the range commands and focus on whats going on. I bet guys like JJ and Max and all the M class shooters out there can do it, but not me. 

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I wonder how you know the music isn't too loud to hear things, until it is?


Years ago when I worked as an RO there was a regular customer who liked to shoot with music in his ears. Eventually I had to put a stop to it because more and more he was missing the range commands.  (cease fire calls) 

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I play with my gun, or as some would call dry fire, with headphones on.  I sometimes practice shooting with only my Apple Airpod Pros in and noise cancellation on.  Granted I'm shooting PCC so it's not really loud....  But with 115s going super sonic, they make a crack but nothing crazy..  Also, steel is loud


I have not tried shooting a match with them in. It has crossed my mind a bunch but usually my phone is too busy recording a 3rd person view of how inefficient I move.  It also does seem like it could be a risk with not being able to hear range commands or even hearing my boolit smash steel.  I always double plug too.

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