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Humor Me Please: Silly Glock Build?


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On 7/31/2018 at 10:23 AM, thegeneric said:

So they're making Glock slides out of titanium now....


This is just a discussion on my attempt to build the fastest cycling, flattest shooting Glock possible with zero expectations for longevity/consistency in reliability. Can you double check my logic and point out any issues I am neglecting?


Glock 19: Because the shorter/smaller slide results in a shorter overall stroke

Titanium Slide: Because dramatic decrease in weight increases velocity, requires heavier recoil spring to increase velocity/force of return stroke 

Ported Barrel: Lonewolf/glock oem/MagnaPort style "C" ports to aid a bit in muzzle rise reduction, decreases rearward pressure/velocity

Compensator: Carver 2-3-4 port? Continuation of keeping muzzle rise to a minimum, side ports stabilizes the gun, decreases rearward pressure/velocity

Ported Barrel AND Compensator Combo: downwards forces are more spread out across the length of the barrel instead on just as the muzzle

Tungsten Guide Rod/Competition Magwell/Frame Weight: Increase weight of frame as much as possible to absorb impact of slide/other recoil forces

Frame "Shock Buff": absorbs some impact from slide/frame due to higher velocities 

Increased Power Magazine Springs: brings the next round up faster for the faster velocities of the slide

Optics (not super relevant): SJC/Carver Frame mounted Micro Red Dot, so the optic doesn't move with the slide/fastest target acquisition 



Basically maximum porting and maximum slide weight reduction. Where do I hit a point of diminishing returns (muzzle dipping/catastrophic failure)? Does the decreased rearward pressure from the porting/compensation require a recoil spring rate that is too low to return the lightened slide forward with enough force? What characteristics should the 9mm load have to potentially run this setup? What possible spring weights would make this run? Does the physics work?


There might not be a purpose for this build except for the abundance(affordability) of aftermarket Glock parts, excess of time/"fun" money, and my irrational need to be "different".


Thank you in advance for any help/insights ya'll might have and again, thanks for humoring me!



If you are really going to do this build, I have an sjc 10 Port major comp you can have.  I just want to see it built. PM me

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On 8/5/2020 at 9:12 PM, Jager1147 said:

Anyone else pay for a Krytos TI slide and never hear from them again?  Seemed like nice guys, met at NRA convention in 2017. paid for slide, and gone.....

I’ve seen a lot of these accounts.  Way too many short sighted snakes in this industry - and several of them are currently in business.


Glad Billy of Jager brought this up, because he’s been running a reputable business for as long as I can remember.


I am curious if there is any titanium Glock slide currently being produced. 


That being said, the two things the OP don’t address are the stroke of the Glock slide (which is too short for consistent muzzle flip in 9 major - too much side to side movement as a result of forces not being as well controlled) and the striker fired trigger.


Not because the trigger sucks in comparison to a hammer fired - but because the hammer spring acts against the recoil spring - forcing me to use at least an 11 pound recoil spring.

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I played with an open glock using a 19 as the base gun.

Didn't use a frame mounted optic mount.  Used slide mounted optic.


Couple things I found was using a comp with a lot of ports like the carver comp gave me issues.

Couldn't drop the spring weight down enough.  A 15 lb recoil spring would make the gun go out of battery slightly on a reload.  Had to use a stock 18 lb spring with a couple coils cut off.


What worked for me was this combo; 

brownells lightened slide

Threaded 19 barrel

2 port comp(arc division)

Stock recoil spring with two coils cut off.

Steel guide rod

+p ammo or anything above 150 pf.


Tried running major ammo but shortening my rounds to fit in glock mags was too sketchy for me.

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I have been successful (as far as one defines success) in making a G34 Open Gun work with reliable function (being defined as a Steel Challenge and USPSA matches without malfunction). 


Framed mounted Carver, with C-More slide ride


Carver compensator 7 port (2 each side 3 along the top) which is a medium compensator. 


KKM barrel: which is probably a big contributor of my success. 


Other little parts here and there that are not OEM, but that's the heart of the build, KKM, Carver Comp, Carver mount, Cmore optic, 


I use a 13lb recoil spring and have no problem. I suspect, using an OEM trigger with OEM trigger return spring could contribute to having return to battery problems causing the need for a heavier spring to push the slide back into battery. 11lb spring did cause return to battery problems. 


I use a Timney trigger and negate some inner workings of the Glock OEM trigger design. 




My sub Major and Major loads work fine.


I use N350 and 3N38. 


I use 124FMJ and load to 1.16 OAL in OEM magazines. 


Again.......... I'm using a KKM barrel and I didn't even bother trying with anything else. 

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I am not a professional in this domain, so I can't fully help you. However, I know that many experts or companies that work with selling and reselling guns are happy to help interested people like you. I think you should focus on them and see what their advice is. When I started, I was a massive fan of https://3dgunbuilder.com/polymer-80/glock-19-complete-slide-kit/, and I still am. However, I no longer have time for this hobby, so I decided to let it go for a little bit. However, I can't wait to go back to it.

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