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Glock 43 GSSF

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Just bought a G43 to use in GSSF matches.

What after market sights are you using to get point of impact on plate rack at 10 yds.

And paper at longer distance? Also what loads are being used.

Fiber Optic 

Tritium Night sights





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Most horribly frustrating thing I’ve ever done in shooting was shooting at G43 in a GSSF match.   Good luck.  


I took a pair of sights off a G19 and put them on the 43, it was perfect.

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I shoot the indoor matches here near Nashville,TN friendly bunch...


Since it is also my carry choice I went with the Haley 13 sights,deck tape in top of slide andswapped out the trigger shoe with a smooth one from a spare trigger assembly spare mags (4) all with a Pearce +1 conversions and as far as ammo for matches I am currently using S&B 115 gr FMJ since indoor ranges here mandate factory ammo only, their sandbox their rules...


I will be looking at different factory ammo soon for something softer, frustrating since the RL450 would be all over making some good stuff..



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