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X5 screws


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22 hours ago, jcc7x7 said:

Pg 40 or 42 X5 thread IndyColtsFan said they are 4-48 3/8"  Double check by searching x-5 thread "screw" think it was the 3rd listing


 Negative: the screw thread is 6-48 the length for top mounting an RDS is 9/16.
NOTE: mounting the rear Adj. sight plate from underneath takes a shorter length screw(by my calipers 3/16) and I'm not sure wht the head type is to sit flush in the slide.
I made the wrong assumption jcc7x7 is correct

The X-Five rear iron mounting screws (from the bottom/underneath the slide) are 4-48 x 3/16
To mount an RDS (to the topside mounting holes) is 6-48 X 9/16


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21 hours ago, connie123 said:

Can any one tell me the size of screw that holds the site plate on the x5, the ones that go in from the 

bottom of the slide.

Are you referring to the screws that hold the rear, iron sight, in place?

If so, jcc7x7 is correct.

After Sig sent me the wrong screws, TWICE, I got some through my local Fastenal store.

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