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Laugo Arms Alien

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1 hour ago, CHA-LEE said:

Ok, let’s say that USPSA & IPSC stupidly categorized this new pistol design as invalid for production simply because it has an internal hammer. That would restrict it to Limited or Open divisions which makes it useless in either division since it’s only  chambered 9mm. So once again, who is this gun supposed to be marketed to???

for 500 richest people in the world that can pay to make this gun be legal in CO div.😄

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46 minutes ago, lacivilian said:

It should never be CO legal regardless of the hammer design as the dot is not slide mounted or located on the reciprocating portion of the slide


^This too.


If they didn't create a pistol that fits well in any of the current IPSC divisions that's on them, not IPSC.


It'd work for 3 Gun Limited/Open

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I was killing some time at work tonight and was getting sucked down the rabbit hole that is youtube and came across this gun that maybe hitting the us this year. I think it is a pretty unique and innovative design with the barrel being in the frame. Seems to shoot pretty flat.  No clue if it would be production legal or not . If it proves to be reliable I could see it gaining a following in uspsa.



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On 12/14/2018 at 7:49 PM, Sarge said:

Read the rules again. I think you misinterpreted the CO vs Production rules. I think the “submit 500 samples” is simply lowering the requirement from 2000 to only 500 to meet approved list requirements. It needs reworded probably but there is no way a SAO / 2011 will be permitted in CO. 



So I went back and re-read. For the sections I was looking at, SAO is (by strict reading of eligible equipment rules) allowed under that rather narrow 500 example method (note that the manufacturer does not have to submit any samples - merely a letter of declaration). However, SAO / 2011's are still disallowed in CO due to the combination of some other rules/issues.


1) The CO Appendix states: "Handguns with external hammers must be fully decocked at the start signal." (appendix D7, special condition #2)

2) Every 2011 I know of cannot apply it's safety with the hammer down.

3) Holstering a loaded SAO firearm without the safety on is a DQ.


Even if you had an SAO firearm that allowed the safety to be engaged with the hammer fully down, you'd still have to manually cock the firearm during every stage start (which is obviously a no-go from a competition aspect).


Conceivably, if a shrouded hammer 2011/SAO firearm was made in sufficient quantities, and the manufacturer sent a letter to the DNROI stating the models compliance, then it would still be allowed and the shooter would not be DQ'ed out of the gate. Unless someone is out there churning out competition built Colt 1903's though (which is an idea that *might* be on the correct side of stupid for people to get behind), I doubt we'd ever see such a scenario play out.

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On 10/20/2018 at 6:48 AM, Drtheo said:

I think if the price is like a premium 2011 the market will be pretty slim for them here.

I don’t know about that. Here in Vegas where there’s at least two local matches per weekends and hundreds of competition shooters who live in production class I think you’d get 200-500 sold just in my area easy enough if it’s better than a tan or shadow 2. Most guys here drop 2k on thier pistol, plus shoot limited and open with 2011s already. 

Another firearm that ups the game in production and gets known as “the go to top end production gun”.  You’ll have no issue at all making solid sales. 


From my area, competition shooters set the list for best to buy. But we also have a lot of grand master shooters and a lot of high end gun stores who cater to that market.


plus shot show brings in every big time shooter and youtuber yearly.... a store that has these in stock will be sold out end of February..

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1 hour ago, praetorian97 said:

Anyone know if the dot must be mounted to slide rule going to keep this from CO? Looks like the dot is mounted to a third removable item.

Pretty sure if it ever get made into mass numbers there will be push back and that top piece will be considered part of the frame and not the slide. But is definitely a game changing design. My guess is they will make the first 500 and then try and sell design to another company. 

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19 hours ago, Kema said:

Now it's on IPSC production guns list...


Production division has become bit of an joke.. was there a change to the process of approving guns to the list at the last GA? I mean the page still says it's updated once a year. Now the Walther Q5 Match SF and Laugo Arms Alien have been added separately to the list. 

Also the old FAQ says G34 is not on the list because it has 5 mm too long barrel and is a special sporting pistol with lighter trigger. WTF are Shadow 2, Q5, Alien, Sig X5 etc.. 

Sorry for offtopic. About the Alien I really want to try one. But I don't think I'd ever pay 3,2k eur for a production gun. 

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I am sure that has been stated, but this is a hammer fired gun. The hammer and main spring are in the rail above the barrel.

This operates very similar to a Russian IZH35M rimfire pistol.  I owned an IZH, the mechanics and physics work as advertised.

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I ve shoot with Alien pistol with red dot on the hot September training day, just before The 2019 European Handgun Championship - Serbia. I d like to thanks to my friend from Cehoslovacia - Alien Team, who have offered me this nice privilege.

I like: high grip  felling, trigger, perceived recoil - dot staying on the target, no malfunction. I dislike: the high price and that the frame become too warm around 100 rds of rapid shooting. In this short shooting session I could not be better shooter with Alien (even with red dot) vs. my Shadow 2 (with factory sights).... who I am used to and trained. 


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I did not make a movie or foto for recoil compartion Alien vs Shadow, but for me it is quaite simillar with a litle edge for Alien. The cool factor is huge, but I ll keep my Shadow 2 untill the price will become lower. ... or other company will take this nice inovation and the price will going down.

One of my friend (a succes businessman) have just orederd one  just when see my pictures few months ago.... 5000$ plus documents and transport is almost 6000$. For these money better I ll invest in ammo for training and competition fee to participate at.

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