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Can I compete with a gasser


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prs has two gas gun divisions:


2.4 Gas Gun – Open Division
2.4.1 Gas Gun Open Division rifles will not exceed a caliber of .30 or a velocity of 3,200 fps. A match DQ
will result any rounds over the speed limit of 3,200 fps (±32 fps for environmental factors and
equipment discrepancies).
2.4.2 Match Officials may request at any point during a match that a competitor fire their rifle through
chronograph. If the bullet exceeds the 3,200 fps speed limit, the shooter will receive an automatic
match DQ.
2.5 Gas Gun - Tactical Division
Intended to allow competitors the opportunity to compete using traditional military and law
enforcement caliber. This promotes Active Duty military and law enforcement competitors use of
their Service and Department issued rifles.
2.5.1 Tactical Division rifles are restricted to 5.56 NATO/.223 and 7.62 NATO/.308
2.5.2 Bullet weight cannot exceed 77 grains and muzzle velocity cannot exceed 3,000 fps,
and 178 grains and muzzle velocity cannot exceed 2,800 fps respectively.

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Look at the MOST series in Missouri. They allow gas guns and you can compete with the bolt gun guys/gals. As people mentioned above, the PRS does have a gas gun series and it is pretty popular.

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Best thing to do is get in touch with your local club you are planning on shooting. We always have a couple gassers a lot of times 5.56/223 they can be very accurate with a handload. My ar10 can be just as accurate as some of my bolt guns and as long as you are capable of shooting 1 moa you should be fine. Just have fun and see where you go with it.

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I've tested a bolt gun against a gas gun pretty extensively off of barricades, tires, rocks, barrels, chains, you name it. Even though both guns had similar mechanical accuracy potential there was absolutely no comparison between the two when it comes to making hits off of random wobbly props. The trigger and lock time of a bolt gun is a huge advantage, they are easier to get balanced how you want and they don't try to dip forward off a barricade when shooting free recoil. Spotting hits/misses is also way easier with the single recoil impulse. If only shooting from prone the gap closes quite a bit. 

You can certainly compete with a gas gun but if you ever get to run it back to back against a well tuned bolt you won't ever want to.

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