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MBX Mega extension with ETS magazines

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17 hours ago, Boss1622 said:

and 3 Magpul 21 rounders


 I also have three of the Magpul 21rd mags. Man do they work nice, I use them for the first mag in a mandatory reload classifier or something like that. They fall free and feed every time. They are a bit short for a reload on the clock though, the long sticks work better( for me anyways).


I also saw or read somewhere Magpul has a 31rd version of this mag out now. I would not be afraid to try one.

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22 hours ago, SJMPCC022 said:



The ETS mags work very well and all the time ! However, I don't think I would make a habit of pounding one into a PCC gun with the bolt in battery !  

My ETS mags work best off of closed bolt.  I was having issues after "make ready" command trying to throw the mag into my flagged PCC, like I could do with Glock or Magpul mags.


Switched to always deflagging then closing bolt and inserting mag... Has resulted in zero issues with all mags.

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Only issue i had with the ETS mags with MBX extensions was because of the mag itself. Because they feed lips dont have a metal insert like the glock factory 33 rounders, the top  of the mag ended up splitting on me. Had used it for a few matches a month for about 3 months. After that i just went with the 33round factory mags. 

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