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June 2018 MOM recipient

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This month's MOM winner has been a member since 2005. He has over 2000 posts, but that means very little in the picking of an MOM. The important part is that all those posts contain years of shooting experience that this member has shared with our community. He is always there to answer questions and to give great advice. One of his best quotes is, " This is wise:  never neglect or diminish fun time shooting, but know the difference between fun time spent on the trigger and productive time spent on the trigger.   ".  He is currently healing up from a broken arm. Please join Brian and the Moderators in wishing a speedy recovery and congratulations to jkrispies on being the June 2018 MOM recipient. :cheers:


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Thank you very much Youngeyes, Brian, and everybody who contributes to this forum!  I look back over the years, and I am very grateful for all that the Enos Universe has given me, allowing me to efficiently grow as a competitor.  I look forward to many more years of learning from others here at BEnos and similarly sharing what I’ve learned with others along the way.  Thanks again, John

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