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Do polymer guns serve a purpose in USPSA production anymore

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I have been shooting for over 50 years, just shot my first USPSA  production match earlier this month.

I have a G17, 320X5 and CZ Shadow 2.

I suck.

I used the CZ for my first match because I shoot it best in practice. 

I don't think I would have been any better or worse with the G17 or X5.

I will continue with the CZ not because its metal, but because I shoot it best.

This is a great thread.

Don't worry about the weapon, practice, practice, practice with whatever works best for you.

Ford, Chevy or Mopar.

Blond, brunette, or red head.  They are all good.


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I thought I would update this thread. I’ve been shooting for about a year now. I’ve made five sanctioned matches and multiple outlaw matches. I’ve also taken one training course. Late last year, I was able to do some horse trading and now have several guns appropriate for competition including the Shadow 2.

I’ve done training sessions and matches with the Shadow 2, Glock 34, VP9, and Sig X5.

Let’s qualify with the fact that I carried a Glock daily for over ten years but also shot a VP9 most from the time they came out until last year.

My Glock 34 I had traded for as a “turn key” setup from a 3gunner a few years ago in anticipation of getting into USPSa. I never could get good scores with the gun. I also would get a lot of uncalled Ds and Mikes. Finally one day I decided to bench the gun a 25 yards. My impact was 6-8” high. Groups were 12”. No wonder I was getting so frustrated! I kept trying to figure out what was wrong with the gun. Finally, I noticed the front sight was slightly loose. Groups tightened up just a bit, but were still wider than an A-zone at 25. Then I really scrubbed the barrel. I the process I noticed the barrel looks to have been filed on on back of the hood. I was getting pretty frustrated. I picked up another barrel and now it shoots 4” groups at 25 benched. POI still is high but it’s close enough.

Having gotten the Glock to be acceptable, it still isn’t making me superstar. My scores on standard drills just aren’t there and I get a lot more wide Charlie’s and Deltas with it than my others.

Shooting the VP9, I attained my best score overall in the rankings. I seem to almost always end up with an A first round. The gun just fits me. I think the added recoil of a polymer gun maybe makes me be more visually patient? I do feel that on wider transitions I over-swing the target. It’s just something I need to work on.

Shooting the X5 in training, I haven’t competed with one, it seemed to be a good balance between weight and accuracy, but the trigger just didn’t work well for me at speed. Perhaps I should have put a Grey Guns kit in it. I set it up for Carry Optics but I didn’t like the Romeo dot it was cut for. I ended up trading it for a Shadow 2 backup gun.

That brings me to the Shadow 2. I really do love this gun. The DA pull has taken some work but it seems to work fine. The gun seems to stay on target better. I get my best B8s with this gun as well as the best scores on standardized drills. It really does seem to compliment my propensity to over-drive the gun on transitions. Additionally, with my elbow injuries it seems to have enough heft that my grip loosening later in the day doesn’t cause me to dive low left. Unfortunately, the weight does seems to get heavy at the end of training days (this was quite evident in the training class with the gun). Additionally, the metal frame doesn’t seem to “give” like the poly guns so I do feel more of the recoil in my elbow.

. I still haven’t strung together a match performance as good as I put up with the VP9. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t trained as long on the Shadow 2

So where does that leave me? There are certainly pros and cons of almost any pistol. The polymer pistols STILL have a place. At the end of the day one is best to make a decision and stick to it as evidence by my best score coming from the pistol I’ve trained the most on! Though I am pushing through with the CZ and having trained hard on it since purchasing, I don’t think I’ll top it with the VP9 again.

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1 hour ago, redpillregret said:

. I still haven’t strung together a match performance as good as I put up with the VP9. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t trained as long on the Shadow 2


I think this line sums it up pretty good. As many above said the gun really has little impact on your performance. Just keep training and your scores will improve.

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I feel grip and recoil management play a bigger role then how heavy the gun is. Also believe you need to enjoy the gun you shoot.

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