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Savage 10 Ashbury

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Looking for a good rifle to give long range shooting a try. Found a good sale on the Savage 10 Ashbury in 6.5 Creedmore. Is this a good entry level gun? Other option is to rebarrel one of my AR's to .224 Valkyrie. Thoughts?

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It depends on how well you like your ARs.  The 224 Valkyrie has been having some very impressive results.  I shoot a savage, but with the amount of money I put into my savage I could have a PVA John Hancock or many other options that would be similar or better quality without the investment that I have into my savage.  Do you want to plink with it and shoot 1000 yards or do you want to do competitions such as PRS and NRL shoots?  If you just want to shoot and have fun it will be a good platform that you can build off of.  For shooting competitions I would replace the trigger with a rifle basix trigger, I'd have to do more research and see if they can take AI or accurate mags.  Magpul mags have had feeding issues in many of the bolt action rifles that I have seen while competing.  Also, you are going to want to replace the stock with something with an adjustable cheek piece.  Why savage put that stock on there is a mystery to me.  


I'd check out http://patriotvalleyarms.com/john-hancock-bolt-action/ 



for rifles in that price range

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