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Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

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29 minutes ago, Bad_Karma said:

Has anyone tried the new Presicion Armament Hypertap?


I’d love to hear some first hand experience of this vs something tried and true like the SJC titan. 


I'd like to see some reviews/testing also. I get the idea behind the timing lock nuts everyone is going to but I wish they would offer one without it to make it easier to pin onto 14.5" barrels.

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I’ve been using the Wilson Combat Q-Comp Quiet AR Muzzle Brake. Not very sexy but it works while not being as loud. Also reasonably priced.


Feels half as loud as a 3-port. I know it isn’t but still.


I know they make a difference but for goodness sake they're ridiculously expensive for what they are and do. I paid $150 (I forget exactly) for a Lil Bastard brake on my PRS rig and it's a piece of metal with some holes in it. Not much different than my $35 Miculek brake but I guess there was a lot of "engineering time". 


It's like my $700 ski boots are made from the same plastic as my garbage can so we tell ourselves the $ went to R&D, right? 

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I've shot some compensators that I would say are nearly more effective than many brakes, namely the PA a/efab, and the KAC MAMS. While they might not reduce recoil as much as a 3 port brake.. they stabilize the dot and muzzle better than most.


I am trying out some more muzzle devices this year, but a 16in intermediate with a PA afab is very, very stable, with little concussion... and GREAT for night stages, flash reduction works quite well.


Trying out the um tac rage now, and MASP Industries competition brake here soon as well.

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4 hours ago, HoMiE said:

You should try the Answer on AR rifles. 

Another vote for the answer.  They are very effective!   They are an the pricier side but well worth the money in my opinion.  No need for a crush washer and my gun hardly moves.  

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I see a lot of votes for the brake everyone owns, I think the key is comparisons.  If I shoot my jp with a jp brake it feels great but I do have to let the dot settle just a touch for the second shot. But if then I shoot say a m4-72 back to back I say, oh ok that is much softer and sight picture settles more quickly. Then a titan, feels about the same. Then I grab the apa answer that I spent 100 rounds tuning and rip 2 as fast as I can, and miraculously they are about 2 inches apart every time. The answer actually produces more recoil than the titan but if you dial it in it's a cool trick. I have the hypertap on the way should be fun to compare to the others. Just keep in mind certain (angled) port designs are quantitatively proven to reduce recoil more than the others, even if you like the straight port brake you have.

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Hey gents I just wanted to give my recent experience.

 I bought the hypertap for my 11.5” before the hypertap I ran nothing but surefire socom brakes because they have been in my experience as effective as the JP, mickulek, or AA hey comp but allowed me to run a can or at least a warden when I was doing any tactical or training shooting.  But I finally decided to setup a gun for the Noveske carbine match.

Ordered and installed the Hypertap and  without a doubt it’s the most effective comp Iv ever shot for felt recoil and return. My 11.5” gun now recovers as fast as my 18” gun with a Sf Socom brake on it. The hypertap is pricey but to me  It’s worth every cent and certainly better looking than the other howitzer sized brakes Iv ever had.


p.s.  It’s like a sparkler in a shoothouse


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