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markvii vs dillon

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i see mark vii now has a evolution. seems similar to dillons super 1050.  anyone have anything to say on one vs the other? 

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Its awesome. I was playing with this at shot show two years ago and was amazed. Its worth its price. The primer collator is amazing but will be another $1k. It's now the official press for USPSA. It's going to light a fire under Dillon and their 1050 for sure. People have already started to sell their 1050's. For the guy thats buying one its not a big deal, but when a guy has multiple 1050's well then the cost difference is huge. Better press it is, but one has to look at their needs/desires for $2k more than a 1050.

Bottom line for me is that its out of my price range. If I go with another 1050 over the Evo I gain a 1050 + $2k. I can live with that.

But ohhh man I want an Evo!

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ah glorious toys!


I can find many excuses to get a top end reloader.

... now to find a way to sleep after my sweetie finds out I have a savings account that large....

thus my real problem is avoiding any emergencies that will suck that savings flat.


I hate fights over funding a replacement car or roof.

right now I am hunting a Cheap( even cheaper than that...) case trimmer.

savings afoot.



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