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Steel Shooting Safety "Guidelines"

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So USPSA Downrange links to a steel shooting safety article which "specifies" 15 yds. as the minimum safe distance for handguns.  Either a)the article is accurate at least based on their criteria; b)the article is inaccurate.  In either case it seems idiotic to link to a safety article  with guidelines that are contrary to SCSA practice.  Someone shows up at their first match (wearing inadequate eye protection), looses an eye, and in our litigious society someone is going to get sued.  This seems like a case of ready, fire, aim on the part of USPSA.

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the downrange newsletter is prepared by a 3rd party, multiview, they will throw in many articles in the "industy news" section of the newsletter.

Most of the time they are sourcing them from 3rd party publications, online reviews, blogs or reports, I do not always catch the dumb ones when the draft is sent, this would be one of those times.


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