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Made my own Offset C More Mount


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I did use a Dawson blast sheild. Got to take a ball end mill and put a concave radius on the underside of the overhang above the thumbrest. 
Offsets the CMore .225"
Where is the blast shield?
Where exactly did you mill the radius and why?
And why does the mount require an offset?
There is so much I don't know about CMore optics mounting.
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The Blast sheild is the angle piece in front of the CMore to sheild the lens from the muzzle blast and gasses from the ports.


Right above the thumbrest, you will see the edge of the mount sticks out a little all the way down the length of the scope base. Radiused that so it would be easier on my thumb.


When shooting 9 Major, they are infamous for ejection issues and setting the sight over to the side gives you more room for ejection so cases do not hit the bottom of the mount.



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I like the bigger window of the slide ride and the first major match I attended shooting CO I watched 2 of the RTS2's die midmatch.
Too expensive for the reliability issues o have saw.
I would run my Vortex before an RTS
I'm looking for an optic solution adding a red dot to my CZ TSO. Too bad the CzechMate mount and Slideride don't fit the TSO. It doesn't clear the top of the slide.

I don't have the tools to do what you did.

Thanks for your help.
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I was about to do the same, but just bought the Cheely Side Mount for my Cmore.


How important is the red dot in relation to the center bore? If the CMore is off the center line of the Barrel by 1/8". Would that cause an offset left/right at a longer distance?

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1 hour ago, Broncman said:

The offset makes very little difference at the distances we shoot . The vertical offeset from the bore makes more of a difference!

Exactly. At longer / shorter distances it may make a bullet hit a bit left or right, but we aren't shooting Bullseye competitions. The vertical offset can mean several inches shift in POA / POI between 1 yard and  25 yards.

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