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I have always shot it clockwise starting at the top. That being said, I’m going to try the zig zag next time I get to the range. I end up transitioning to far and shooting under the plate a lot when shooting it clockwise.

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4 hours ago, telligentgunner said:

Some people start at the top and then go clockwise, letting the plates move into the sight picture. I don't like this but it's an option where you don't have to transition as much.

This method is slower.  You can get all or most of the plates before the plates start moving if you start at the top and go clockwise.

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My 6th match since starting in USPSA in 2016. Glock 22 with a KKM .357 sig barrel, carver comp, Ice Magwell, etc... Slow on the draw back then, but got er done. I too zig/zag, Counter Clockwise or Clockwise. Depending on how the Star is positioned at start. As long as it goes fast. This vid, I had to take one extra shot.



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