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jeremy kemlo

Magma-port ruger pc.

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1 hour ago, mstamper said:

We have hijacked this original thread. IF we want to continue this rules discussion we really should open a new thread in the USPSA rules thread and allow this OP question to be answered here as an equipment discussion

No kidding. I was excited to see 21 posts. I was thinking there would be all kinds of info. ? good to know that I should not port the barrel. 

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Agree.  Returning to the OP's question, I have a friend with an Sig who has an aftermarket 16" barrel that has been magnaported.  It is a very soft shooting, very, very flat shooting MPX.  it is a different platform and I  can't attest to how much, if any of that is due to the magnaporting but it is a great shooting gun.  YMMV



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