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Taccom ULW barrel/Light weight PCC. Is there such a thing as too light?

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2 hours ago, Xanatos903 said:

I'm of the same opinion. A feedramp is cheap, easy to install, and certainly won't hurt the reliability of your PCC. There's basically no reason not to do it. 


Like Mike said, " I never had feeding issues until I did."  My problems started when my main match gun had over 10K rounds on it and one magazine with an extension began to give me fits.  The mag was only several months old and not used a whole lot.  Since all other mags, including those with extensions, still ran 100%, I assumed it to be a spring problem. 


After adding the feedramp, problem solved.  The spring may be going bad (but I don't think so).


Xanatos903 sums it up well.    All my 9mm uppers will be outfitted with the ramps in the future.  Solve the problem before it ruins a match.

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