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9mm Extractor tuning ??


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Most set up the extractor the Don B way as that is the correct way to do it. Perfect ejection ,cases not touching the bottom of mount ,can be very elusive. I have three open guns that have 50,000 rounds ea thru them and brass has never touched the mount. Ejector shape, extractor tuning and deflection is a challenge.

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Two matches now and one stove pipe and one mag issue. Better but not 100%.


So I have a brand new MBX 170 and a tuned Brazos ejector. MBX loaded to 29rds has zero gaps between bullets and the Brazos extended ejector looks really good . Had an Ed Brown ejector that was supposed to be extended but is actually pretty short.


Going to range today.

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Have 5 full mags ran through it so far no issues. A match will be the true test. That will be Saturday if weather holds.


I really like the ejector so far. It is long! I seat my 9 Major loads long and a 38 Super might not clear an unfired round.


The bevel cut on the inside clears the magazine and the next round.


Should have done it sooner.

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Gun ran perfect for the whole match yesterday! So nice to not have any equipment issues.


Placed very well, third in open, 8th overall out of 75 shooters. 

No ejection issues, no mag issues and the great thing was with 9 Major I could leave the brass on the ground! Too damn hot to crawl around looking for brass.

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