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Gas Key - Bolts Sheared Off

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57 minutes ago, CHA-LEE said:

What is exaggerated? I have spent over $5000 on different PCC configs to prove to myself which setup was the best for PCC in competition and the AR9 in both Glock Mag or UZI Mag configuration didn't make the cut. 


In the end this is ultimately my opinion and my decision is based on my own research and testing. I doubt that many others are willing to shell out that amount of cash trying every possible PCC config to find the ultimate setup. That is what I did and I stand behind the results and product experiences I paid for.


If you feel that an AR9 PCC is the best thing for you in competition, great. Have fun and enjoy your time at the range with it. There is no need to turn this into a Ford vs Chevy argument that does nothing but waste time and make people butt hurt.

I am not referring to your choice in platform as I indicated. I'm all for folks shooting what makes them happy.


I was more getting at the idea that other folks like Taran have been putting in time and funds both developing the MPX as a platform as well as competing nationally with it for years. I'm not doubting you rigorously tested what you perceived as good for your local level of involvement in PCC. However, based on match results like the 2017 Lucas PCC match and 2017 Optics Nationals, I still believe your statement that you personally proved a platform to be superior to be an exaggeration. 

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To Be honest Nick, cut everything off just forward the rear screw and put that back in place with red loctite........no real weight anymore to get slammed back and forth, no heat to mess with the loctite and that piece you have left is somewhat square, round the edges with a dremel......and it guide just fine......One bolt.....boom done. I almost did that with our extreme bolt bolt.....but honestly.....no one would have understood.

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Ok, the root cause of the issue was found and corrected.  The standard stock on the CK Arms rifle was swapped out for an Odin Works Zulu 2.0 which is about 2" longer than the standard buffer tube.  The additional spring supplied by Odin Works at the back of the buffer tube was removed (dumb move) as it was impossible to lock the bolt back.  This allowed the bolt carrier group to move rearward another 2" and slammed the gas key (for lack of a better name) into the threaded portion of the lower receiver that holds the recoil buffer tube.  After enough battering, the bolts sheared off.


Borrowed a BCG from a friend that also had a CK Arms PCC and after re-installing the 2" spring buffer from Odin Works, it ran like a champ.  Solution found and tested.


Went to Bobby Keigans shop in Camilla Georgia on the way to the Area 6 match.  Not only did he pull another complete bolt out that he had in stock, installed it and test fired it, he also worked on the sheared screws, getting those out of the original BCG.


Huge thanks to Bobby.... and Leo for the loan of the BCG.



PCC Lower.jpeg

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