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650 jamming up on station 1 with .40

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I have loaded over 40k total on my 650, and close to 20k in .40. Recently, I have been getting cases that were jammed up sliding into station 1, either getting hung up at the back of the "slide" or just popping out completely of the track.  Has anyone else ever encountered this in any caliber, and if so, what was your fix?  I noticed that the station 1 locator had wear on it and Dillon sent me a new part, but after replacing that part, I'm still experiencing the issue..


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13 hours ago, L3324temp said:

One piece of corncob cob stick in the wrong spot can drive a person crazy.

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I agree with L3324temp.  I know that digital pics can make something that doesn't look all that dirty to the naked eye look really dirty but there does seem to be a good bit of cleaning media on the station one locator and a piece on the slide.   A good scrubbing of the ramp and the slide might really be a good idea.

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Make sure you put a dab of grease on the bottom of the locator slide where it sits in the tool head. It needs to stay put and not bounce around when the brass falls down on it. Just enough to make it stay put and not move around when the machine is operating but can float and move when a piece of brass is inserted.

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