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hi from KS

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Fairly new to competitive shooting.  Started USPSA last summer with the Wichita Practical Pistol Shooters out of Wichita, KS.  I mostly shoot at Range54 for any local guys here.   Plan to shoot the Freestate USPSA, Oklahoma Sectional, and Area 3.  Can't think of a better way to spend a few days.  Always open to any tips, comment, and help along the way.  Recently ran my first 4 classifiers and appear to be a C class shooter.  


I started with a Glock 34 shooting limited minor.  Switched over to a CZ CTS .40 in February for major.  Still getting used to reloading and shooting .40. So far its been a blast with lots of apparent improvement over the weeks and months.  


Started reloading last fall with a Dillion 650 and so far have only reloaded 9mm and .40.  Just ticked over 10,000 reloads.  I'm sure by now the machine has paid for itself.  


For anyone familiar with the CZC flat trigger, is there a longer overtravel adjustment screw?  anyone know the current size and thread pitch of the overtravel screw.  I haven't got ahold of the guys a CZ custom to ask, but thought I would ask here.  I need more overtravel adjustment.  


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