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P320 Legion (Theoretical Discussion)


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***BEFORE ANYONE GETS OVERLY EXCITED: No, I have no clue if Sig is planning to make a Legion series P320, what the features would be, or anything like that. This is purely a hypothetical "what if" thread. Now that being said...


IF Sig were to add a P320 to the Legion family, what would you want it to look like? What added features do you think would make it unique and distinguishable from the rest of the P320 family, including the X-Series pistols? What combination of parts/features would make you seriously consider buying one?


I know what I'd want to see, and it's probably not the most popular opinion - I think a Legion series P320 would be the perfect place for Sig to introduce a metal grip module. Nothing would make it stand out more in my mind from the rest of the P320 stable and would make it more appropriate to carry the Legion insignia. Machined aluminum, following the same profile as the X-Series grip module including the bolt-on magwell, aggressive texturing like Phoenix Trinity's micropockets on the EVO 2011 grip - Oh, and they better make it compatible with the standard FCU, too...


What would you want to see in a Legion-ized P320 offering?

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They pretty much did that with the X5. The only thing I'd like to see is an atom like mounting solution for more optics than just the romeo and the addition of a rear sight dovetail.


The metal grip module could be offered without a whole new model, same as the slide.

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