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Remington Files for Bankruptcy

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This is not a surprise to me at all. Remington spent a lot of money on big capital expenditures. And like many company's in the firearms industries they did not plan on a Trump win. My company supplies metals to the firearms industry and not one of them thought Trump would win and ramped up production in anticipation of Hillary winning. Not having a plan to manage cash flow for a downturn in sales is a recipe for disaster.

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Companies come and go.  While they have been around a long time, I do not see anything unique they bring that would be missed in the current market.  Yes it is debt restructure, but Remington needs to up their game to develop a quality product.  I would MAYBE recommend an 870 to someone, but after that, even the 700 series is outmatched by others.


I think they have an opportunity with Para re-launch/re-brand but it will require a lot of work AND its a niche market.  They need to up their game in the wide market of handguns, shotguns AND rifles--they have 0 competitive products right now (again except for the 870, maybe the versa max, I'm a little jaded on that as mine blew up, full disclosure).  I'd look at a Rem 700 rifle on reputation alone and that is fading fast.  


And for full disclosure, I own no less than 5 Remington firearms. 3 shotguns, 3 rifles  (2 of them are being held for a youth-- from his grandfather) IIRC--all of which run solid except that versa max incident.  Not so coincidently, it was the last one bought....(2015).

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I  must plead a slight senior moment--it appears I had forgotten how many I own.  You know how it is, they just keep a multiplyin in that safe!


It wasn't Yogi Bera, but a nice Gun related Yogism I shall leave you with:


Q: How many guns do you own?

A: More than I need, not as many as I'd like



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Remington had a bad reputation the last few years for poorly made products and I believe it was well deserved.  I have owned some 700's and 870's and still do but Remington is not even on my radar anymore for a bolty (looking at a RPR that I can switch the barrel on myself).  After running a Benelli M2 for a few years in 3 gun the Remingtons are a F'ing joke!  If they go out of business, which is fine with me, it is primarily because of "business decisions" made by bean counters and upper management.  I feel bad for the craftsman that built the guns.

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6 hours ago, IowaNewbie said:

Did any of you get your Thanksgiving/Christmas rebate checks from Remington ? I didn't get mine yet, and I don't think I will :(



Yeah, I’m still waiting on one from a Versa Max. Not holding my breath mind you.

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