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Old school mil spec operator

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Hey guys!


I ran across a decent used Operator at the gun show this weekend!  The old PB9105L.  Who has done anything with one?  Any thoughts?  The gun has some parts on it but no metal removed.  I know Rich at Canyon Creek built an incredible one awhile back that I wanted desperately.  I was thinking of sending it back to Springfield and through the custom shop.


Just looking for some inspiration.  Maybe make it a nice throwback Limited 10 blaster...


I will add a pic once I host one...

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About all the Custom Shop will do now is sights, trigger, and finish.

Just some thoughts;

Hard Tail safety

Squared trigger guard

some type of cuts on top of slide

360 mag well

Defragged front and back strap

Rear of  slide  serrated

New frt and rear serrations


ITS trigger

Rebarrel, possibly threaded for suppressor

Electroless nickle with Teflon for looks


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Very nice. I used mine for L10 back when I started USPSA. Looks like a very similar setup to mine. I've never been able to convince myself to change it much. It's too good as it is. Good find.

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