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Will a steel striker gun someday rule Production?

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Right now a very good DA/SA steel gun seems to rise to the top in Production.


some striker guns out of the box, like PPQ and TP9SFX, or other models with after market triggers, are much better than classic striker fired triggers used to feel.


does this mean, someday an all steel gun with a great striker fired trigger will come out and rise to the top?

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DA/SA was able to give a better SA pull than a striker at the cost of the first DA pull.


if a striker gun can match the SA pull, with no DA penalty,

and do so in a weight equivalent to a DA/SA steel gun,

is how.


just something I was thinking about with how good some striker triggers have gotten.


they are a long way from the “Sproing!” Of my first Glock in the early 90s.

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1 hour ago, rowdyb said:

Who the heck would make a 5" barreled, 45 oz, metal framed, striker fired gun, with the aftermarket support for great triggers and sights?


That's the sad part.  Today everything is marketed to the 'tactical' crowd meaning lighter and smaller (Just look at the trends in product release).


Glock/S&W/Walther/Colt could make a KILLING (no pun  intended) in the shooting world. (notice COULD)


Kinda like STI in limited. (Para could have but dropped ball).  Hell even STI is going Tacticool.

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13 hours ago, SCTaylor said:

No. And there is no DA penalty if you practice.


agree with this. comparing my 9mm 1911 and my cz 75b production gun, I shoot the same times in steel challenge, and the same scores in classifiers.

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