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If I need to fit something like a CZ Safety, what are the proper tools to use.


I know very little of files/sanding/etc.


For instance I needed to take something from .085 inches to 0.80 inches (measured with caliper) in width.  Sanding job or file/stone?

And then the follow up which type of sand paper/file/stone...

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I've only used stones.  It's slower than files, but better to take off too little, then have to go back to the stone and take off more, than to take off too much.  I use knife sharpening stones (bought for using on the guns, not for the knives - use a Lansky kit for the knives).  I just use regular gun oil on the stones, nothing special.


I've really only fitted three safeties on CZ.  Had to modify the height of the cam that fits under the sear finger/arm on one of them (used the CGW adjustable sears after that) and the right end of a couple left side safeties when installing ambidextrous safeties on a couple pistols.


Either way (files/stones) you've got to maintain angles and clean the parts up before test fitting, lube them when done, clean the stones up afterwards before you put them away and go slow.  I've never used calipers to measure the before/after on parts I was stoning.  I used "does it fit/work yet."  If you used calipers, remember that one of the steps is to stop filing/coarse stoning soon enough that when you do the final fine stoning/polishing of the part that it doesn't end up too small/short after the polishing part.

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