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moving eyes before muzzle ?

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On 8/27/2018 at 4:29 PM, p7fl said:



This was a great suggestion.

The follow up question is: if I am shooting paper, I lose the crisp front sight I see on the first shot, and the sight becomes fuzzy and slow to recover for a 2nd shot. How do I approach getting the focus back faster?




But do you need a clear front sight focus for this shot you are referring to? 


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wow, i just realized i did this and now i need to stop ha. Nice drills will try them ou t

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Lanny Bassham discusses how the conscious mind trains the subconscious.  In conjunction with something Max Michel once told me, "Most of my dry fire is at slower speed"


When I had a chance to practice, I put up three targets.  I did the BE Transition Drill at slow speed.  Eyes then gun.  Not fast, just perfect every time.


You don't need to go fast, just train your subconscious to do it right and in a match your transitions will be faster.


Later, I added no shoots for the drill.


The result was two or three outstanding classifiers as well as matches.

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