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Travel with PCC

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Ok, let’s see how to handle the following situation. I am traveling to Ares 6 with my 11 year old son. I am shooting Limited and he is shooting PCC. PCC, pistol, belt, etc is traveling inside a non-TSA lock locked hard case. I am planning to bring one additional bag to be checked under my son’s ticket with our clothes and ammo.
I reload, hence I want to bring 400-500 rounds each, which will require each of us to put our ammo in our respective bags. 500 rounds in the hard case and 500 in my son’s luggage.
Since he is underage, would TSA/Airline allow me check his bag with ammo in it?

Average 9mm Luger round:

Rounds per pound ~ 38.10rds.

Weight per 100 rounds ~ 2.63lbs

Approximately 400 rounds = 11 lbs;

I haven't tested this whether it holds true for 115 vs 124 vs 147;
By the way, this is per PERSON so others traveling with you even without guns can each bring 11lbs of ammunition in checked bags. 


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To be honest you're better off shipping ammo to the range of you have enough time. 

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Unfortunately I live in Puerto Rico, so no ammo shipments to U S. Hence, I need to bring my reloads in the plane.

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