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STI made by Dasan Machineries korea??


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48 minutes ago, ltdmstr said:


Thanks for the info.  It's helpful to know what's going on with the company and good to know that people there actually care about what they're doing.  Hopefully you can turn it around.

I agree 100%.  I bought a new edge a couple years ago, gun runs great but it seemed kind of loose for what they cost.  I shoot with a bullseye shooter that bought a DVC and he though the same thing.  He also has a custom 2011, I have also have CZ shadow and a M&p with an apex barrel and all 3 of the non STI guns group as good or better that both the Edge and DVC.  With most of the new STI guns in the $3k area they should group like a bullseye gun.  There a lot of custom builders that will build a custom 2011 for that price that are extremely accurate 

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Nate: This is great news, and it would certainly be a great thing for our sport if/when STI can turn their reputation around a bit. 


I sincerely hope that we can revisit this thread in a year and celebrate the change of culture at STI.


Thanks again.

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