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So 1911 9mm Single Stacks...

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1 hour ago, muncie21 said:

Don't see much mention of Kimbers in this thread.  what's the general consensus on the Target II or the Custom TLE/RL II?

Most people run other guns for reason.

Don't be a kimber trend setter.

Dan Wesson, SA, sig, fusion , full custom etc.

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I've had better luck with Kimber than Springfield Armory. I find them both to be lacking in internal parts quality, and Springfield worse than Kimber in fit and finish of barrel, bushing, slide and frame. 


Kimber has the firing pin safety if that bothers you. Springfield has the goofy BTGS radius that makes changing that part a pain.


Both are overpriced for what you get. Sig at least gives you front strap checkering at the same price point.

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As has been expressed throughout this thread, there are good options at a lot of different price points. I am one that likes 1911s for their aesthetics almost as much as I want it to be built well and run as close to 100% reliably as possible. For this reason, I tend to gravitate to Nighthawk, Wilson Combat, Ed Brown, and Guncrafter Industries. All of these start around the $3000 mark. Dan Wesson is also putting out some great 1911s at a slightly lower price point. I currently have a Guncrafter Industries Hellcat being built, just hope it makes the 43 ounce weight limit for single stack. If not, I will likely have a gun built specifically for that division. If you haven't checked out Guncrafter Industries, definitely give them a look. Like Wilson Combat and Nighthawk, they are located in Berryville, Arkansas. The owner, Alex Zimmerman, worked for Wilson for many years, then wanted to do his own thing. They are putting out 1911s that are every bit as good as a Wilson, Nighthawk, or Ed Brown and have some unique models and features.

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