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I have two Sig 1911 Max’s. One in 45 the other in 40. Both are great guns for the money, run great. The only issues I’ve ever had where user induced or ammo related. However, if I was to buy another I would look at Dan Wesson’s and some of the new Springfield’s. Sig comes with a 6lb trigger pull and a series 80 never really gives you a great trigger. I would by a series 70 next time just to get a better trigger pull.

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They're okay. There's a few reports of cracking, but I probably wouldn't worry about it. If there's multiple gun stores in your area, check out several of them. They have a propensity to be loose in the frame/slide department, see if they rattle or how the fit is in general. Of course, you'll want to check the barrel fit by feel and the ability to rattle as well. 

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Have an XO in 45acp.

Been very happy with it. A lot of pistol for the money. The slide stop tab was not fitting well, so I got an after market replacement. Problem solved.

Nice sights, front strap checkering and match grade barrel.

It will need some work if you're going to shoot competition, but they all do.

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