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Can anyone top 9 procedurals?

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Well not procedurals really but on the first stage, of a 6  classifier match. I was the first shooter,  I loaded and put my gun in my 011 Safariland type holster,  it fell out the rear of the holster and touch the ground!!! I think that beats your nine procedural.lol Oh well, I didn't need that $25 anyway.lol

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I blew a "fun match" where the shooter kept the palm of his shooting hand behind him and a paint spray can cap of one of two color was handed to him. On the beep, the shooter had to look at the color of the cap, and what he was given were no shoots. 


I decided to play the odds, on the beep I dropped the cap, did not look at the color and blasted away... I figured I'd either crash and burn or win the match... I crashed and burned, not one recorded hit, all no shoots, but they were well placed if nothing else. 🙂



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Happened this weekend during the indoor match.  Stage was indeed different... ok, a "reload" memory stage.... 


Virginia count, 4 targets, best 6 per target shot from 3 different shooting boxes where you had to shoot 4 rounds then perform a mandatory reload and then 4 more rounds from each box, 24 rounds total.  WSB reads "procedural per shot fired for not performing the mandatory reloads" and per stacking was allowed.


Competitor comes up in Single Stack and rips off 8 rounds and then says "Oh, $hit... reload".  Does the reload and fires 4 more rounds.  So 4 procedurals for the missed reload, 4 extra shots and 4 extra hits for a running total of 12.  He gets to the last box and sees that there is a miss on one of the targets and fires a 9th shot from that box (after the reload) to make up the miss.  Since it's Virginia Count, extra shot but no extra hit so a 13th procedural....  No. it was NOT my stage design....



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Easily beat your 9 procedurals Stick. IPSC bought in the no short cut rule a couple of editions ago with a penalty of 1 procedural for every shot fired after the rule breach. 32 round stage had to move forward and left down a pathway but no I jumped across the corner instead of following the demarcated path, all before firing a shot. 18 procedurals minimum cant remember the exact amount as I sort of lost interest in the stage after realizing what Id done.

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