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On 11/6/2019 at 10:43 PM, Alaskan454 said:

Sounds like you've been busy!  Based upon what you've been practicing and what's left I would focus primarily on getting into and out of positions.  So much time can be saved by reducing your setup and exit time, same goes for the "pause and shoot" targets like you said.  You have come a long way since we first shot together and I look forward to seeing the results from this weekend. 

Thanks man.

UPDATE: I'm back home. Very tired. But after each day of shooting I wrote down things I needed to work on, and I'm sort of continuing a list of principles or "best practices" that I have a rough idea of. I'll list them here later.


On the short, it appears that I have accomplished my goal, and I have a lot of work in front of me, with only 1 year to become a world-class competitive shooter capable of winning. Jeez. Now I need to go sleep for 12 hours.

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Small update.


Looks like the WS is happening this year, and from what I'm told, it's going to happen whether anyone shows up or not. The revo team has all backed out, sans yours truly, so there is no revo team. I've been informed this morning that I've received an individual slot now instead of a team slot. Not entirely sure what that all entails though, as it just came with a list and no other information. I assume it means no more USPSA stipend.


Ammo is still a problem, even after 2 years of waiting, the boys in Thailand have just now released a list of "possible" loads, none of which would probably work in my gun. And ammo can't be imported, and you can only bring 5kg.


Honestly the whole thing is turning into a s#!tshow, and the bigwigs at USPSA don't seem to be very helpful, with emails being sent out with conditions that you have a single day to reply or be booted, and IPSC gives you 20 days to book a flight and give them the info so you can register for the Thailand firearms permit.

"Oh but you knew it was gonna happen!"

Kinda. But they've been dragging their feet and keep delaying and postponing it for 2 years and they're still not ready, so why should I assume it's gonna happen this year?
"ok well it's happening!"
Ok great, I wonder if I should even go at this point.

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Not to mention I've only found out that I have a slot this morning, 7/14, since the team has all backed out.


No passport yet, because why get one if they're not gonna have it. Ok cool I'll call the State Dept. They told me to book a hotel in Canada in two weeks so I could say I have urgent travel and need the passport within 2 weeks, which should work? Then I can drive up to Detroit and they can try to expedite my passport so I have stuff to give the Thai gov't for my firearms permit.

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Welcome to the club.  This is how its been for USPSA and the World Shoot since at least 2005 when I started going.  Minimal communication interspersed by last minute deadlines.  Leighton's unofficial Facebook group is about the best source of communication for US shooters these days.  Back then it was here on Enos.


This is when I'm jealous of the countries that have a proper "Team Manager" that does all this busywork for you and not just lumping it all onto DNROI in addition to everything else Troy does.  Some of them even sort out bringing all the guns and ammo with them so you don't have to. 


Still worth it IMO.


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Ok so ammo is.... a problem. Moonclips are also probably a problem. I'd have to rebarrel both guns. Then maybe find moons that will fit their brass OR somehow convince them to make me special ammo with starline brass instead, if they can even get it. They have starline brass for some of the other calibers so maybe it could work.

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