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Wax on .22 ammo


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1 minute ago, ZackJones said:


That sucks. It worked on magtech ammo.

Don,t laugh but what works for me with CCI's is to stand up the bullets in the plastic container they come in.

Wet, not soak a cloth with Hoppes and rub down the rows of bullets. Then use a dry cloth. Takes a few minutes to do each 100 rd box. Cleans them slick as hell.

Been doing this for years. I have never had a dud using this process.

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7 minutes ago, wyliearms said:

I flip them upside down in their tray and brush them off with a mag brush.

That is what I used to do but it fouled up the brush.

I then went to a hand brush but it waxed up pretty fast.

Hoppes does it for me.

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I simply stopped using ammo that was heavily wax coated.  I use Eley Target when I use my Marvel precision conversion, and CCI AR Tactical when I use my full race conversion.  Neither has excessive wax.  Aguila HiSpeed does not have excessive wax either.

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