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Just grab your gun and mount it normally without thinking. Then stand upright but leave the buttstock against your body. Is it under the jaw on that side, or over in your shoulder pocket?


If you put the rifle out in your shoulder pocket it’ll tend to rotate your body outward with recoil as that shoulder is pushed back - dot will lift up and to your strong side. If you were able to mount the stock dead center in your chest, your dot movement would be (theortically) completely vertical.


It’s equally important to DRIVE the chest and offhand into each other - if you want the gun to shoot flat, clamp it in place at both ends. Don’t let it wiggle at all.


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Oh I'm with you on the centrally mounted buttstock, been doing that for years. I was just commenting on pulling it over the shoulder while moving to navigate tight spots.

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Thanks for all the good advice. I just tried moving the stock in toward my pec and i found it to be uncomfortable and I imagine shooting like that would be slightly painful having the stock hitting the collar bone. 

9 hours ago, MemphisMechanic said:


You don’t have to hold the gun as tightly with the strong hand as you do with a handgun. Since you can split faster with a rifle and still hit things, it’s helpful to prevent trigger freeze.


Mount the gun on your pec below the eye and then bring your head down the stock. Don’t mount the gun conventionally in your shoulder pocket and lay your head over 45 degrees onto the stock.


Grip hard on the handguard and drive the gun back into your shoulder.


Additionally, learn to pull the stock up over your shoulder when moving so the rifle can be level, instead of keeping the stock in front and dipping the muzzle down toward the ground in an arc around walls. The Max Leograndis videos linked above will show this very clearly.



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I still don't do it unconsciously (yet), but it really does make a huge difference to drive the shoulder forward.

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On 10/10/2018 at 7:05 PM, Mongo68 said:

What did you use to lift the cmore? I used a standard picatinny riser but its ugly...


Tact riser as Homie mentioned. Was high enough for me.

i like the Delrin idea too, if you want it a bit higher.

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I think the Fang by MBX helps for some with not making the head bend down too much.  

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