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PSA side charger problems.

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Maybe you guys can give me some ideas. Im shooting a PSA 18 in/rifle gas w/ reciprocating side charger. Only put about 200 rounds through it. Went to the range after installing optic, and after about 5 shots, it was basically a bolt action. When I first bought the gun, it was throwing brass straight back in my face. Im a lefty, and these things have no shell deflector due to the side charging handle. I installed a BCM extractor spring, and it started ejecting at 3 oclock like it should. It then sat in my safe for several months because all Ive been doing is shooting pistols. Took it out today, shooting perfecta 223, and the bolt doesn't cycle but maybe halfway back. After the first couple rounds, it quit coming back far enough to eject the spent case, and only resets the trigger on the empty chamber maybe half the time. Every now and then, when charging it, it seems really hard to cycle the bolt by hand. I can't see anything that its hanging up on. I know perfecta is on the weaker side as far as ammo goes, but i have shot nothing but that through it, and the last time I shot it, it worked just fine.

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