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So the 10mm video was just an interest video

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I have a xdm 5.25 in 40. I also have a 10mm reamer. I looked at all the numbers then ordered a 9mm conversion barrel and reamed it to 357 sig. Springfield can hang. ---------------------Larry

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To get the 10mm or 38 super to work in an XD-XDm it would have to be done in the 45 sized frames, neither one will work in the 9mm-.40 sized frames. Stepped in mags will have to be designed/made, barrels shouldn't be a problem nor the proper sized breech face. It can be done but will there be enough sales to even break even


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23 hours ago, ExStreetWalker said:

I was a bit pissed when the "big" announcement was a 1911.  Don't get me wrong, I love the 1911, I have 13 of them, three of them are in 10mm.  I had a Glock 20, never could get used to it.  I've got an XD 45 and love it.  I'd really like to see a XD?? 10mm. 


I load my own and I'm getting around 1250 fps with a Blue Dot load and a 190 WFN bullet.  I doubt that load would even fit in a .40 Short and Weak case.


Factory offerings are pretty lame unless you go the Boutique route.  My handloads are running me under $0.10 each so I'll keep shooting them.  I'd really like to be able to shoot them in an XD.

I'm also ready to buy if they come out an XD in 10mm.  I have no problem buying boutique ammo when heavy loads are needed (e.g. for hogs or gators or black bears).  I'll never shoot enough 10mm rounds to justify reloading.

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I went to the source. FWIW!


  • Don Porter <sootch00@gmail.com>
    Sep 29 at 4:13 PM
    Unfortunately all hell is breaking loose so I can't confim or deny! Lol! I have a review of a SA pistol coming Oct 10 so you'll find out then. 
    For the  record, I did get a pistol from SA for the GetZone Holiday Gift Guide and wasn't in on any release date when I recieved it. I wish
    I had. 
    Thanks Jesse~ 
    Don Porter
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