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I have a scorpion with the HB trigger setup and a few other mods. Not shot it in a competition yet, but have shot it on my home course and ran it through the same qualifier practicea as my CO pistol.


I did have to run a different load than my pistol. As long as I keep the power factor at about 130, it runs great with no recoil issue. Anymore and it does move some. My splits are just as fast on my timer as my CO pistol. 


I run a Viper on it and do plan to compete with it this spring .


It fits me better than any AR based platform I have tried.

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Personally not a fan of the Scorpion, although some of that may be my bias with AR platforms.


The trigger is mushy and the controls don't feel right to me.


Prior to the election, MPX magazines were still fairly expensive.


The biggest reason in my mind to get the Scorpion would have been the cheaper magazines. But you can find magazines in the $10-30 range if you are patient. GunMagWarehouse was selling 20-rounders for $10 on Black Friday, and about a year before that they had 30 round magazines for $15.99 plus shipping. 

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There is a fix for the scorpion trigger. CZ custom. Adjustable set and reset.


I already have several AR's and for close range work, I like the heads up on the Scorpion better than my AR. AR has to have a tall sight set up.


I did shoot my first PCC match yesterday after having the scorpion for about a year.


I believe I am going to like it a lot!

Ask me again in six months and we will see.

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Again THANKS everyone for their input! I borrowed a friends pistol version Scorpion, with a brace, and the recoil does indeed suck 🙁. Hopefully I can get a few different platforms together, when the weather turns nicer, for a comparison later this year.


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With my reloaded ammo, I am loving mine. Load to class PF and recoil is a lot less. If I shoot factory ammo, It is snappy.


Shooting next weekend.  Shot last months match and was third over all. Granted not that many people there.


I beat MBX and Sig shooters regularly  , and get beaten  by them as well. 


If I started over, I might would go a different  route,  but will not switch now. 

The gun is not holding me back....yet.

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16 hours ago, Broncman said:

BLT, where are you located? ORSA  in TN is next weekend.  There will be all flavors  of PCC their. You could sample several. 


Of all I have shot, if doing it over, I would buy the MBX


I'm in southern Indiana. Thanks for the offer/info and if I was closer that would awesome for sure. 

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16 hours ago, TNREDNECK said:

I like the JP also but buy direct from them, they have great service it just works . They have 2 on there site if you will be competing get the one with the competition comp . $1749 .



Reference JP service I completely agree. I attended one of the past NRA conventions and spoke with one of their staff/booth personnel. We chatted for quit some time about AR builds etc and he was extremely nice, knowledgeable and willing to assist me in whatever I needed. At the time I was working for a local gun business and was trying to get setup with them for custom builds. So far JP is top-notch on several levels and I would LOVE to purchase their product. As has been stated before ... "you get what you pay for."


The Scorpion is probably going to be the option chosen because it will fill a few roles outside being my gamer PCC. If the money is available, meaning the hot sexy wife allows it, I'll get either the JP or MPX.

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Also forgot to mention I'll probably go SBR so it can be portable and concealed really easily. 


And YES everyone I realize trying to get a platform to fit multiple roles means it will not be the best at any of them but at least I have something to play with in PCC. However, purchasing and using a AR would be better because I use one at work. 



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