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How to properly cut aluminium grip?

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Just got an Elite Custom in 9mm and ended up getting Stock III aluminium grip from a private seller.

Original wooden grip was too big for me and needed some slim grip for my relatively small hand.

Unfortunately, I'm new to the wonderful world of Tanfoglio and didn't know that the Stock III grip was too long for my gun.

Since I need to keep the factory magwell, it looks like that I have to cut down the grip to fit w/ my Elite Custom.


I've searched the net and couldn't find the method they've used to cut down the aluminium grips.

Does anyone know how to properly cut down the aluminium grip w/o damaging or ended up w/ worst case of bubba'ing you've ever seen?

I've basic tools like Dremel, file and Ridgid 14" metal chop saw.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I'd cut slightly oversized with small hacksaw, grinding wheel or cutoff wheel or similar - measure twice cut once. Then dress/trim last millimeter or so with a good flat file to exact fit.  I've done this on some alum grips before - but I cut off slightly to much so there was a gap. Don't "over cut" - file to fit.


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I already cut it... ;)

Only paid $50 so I wouldn't worry too much... didn't feel like to paying $120 + shipping for that tiny pair of grip panels.

The aluminium grip panels are very tough and I ended up chopping it off w/ my metal chop saw.

As sfinney suggested, I cut it slightly oversized, then used the flat file to hand fit the grips.

Came out pretty good... now, I need a set of screws bad.

The old screws sticks out too much.

Thanks for your help guys~ :bow: 








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Looks nice!


BTW, you guys would faint if saw what I have done with bench grinders, hacksaws, files, and yes even dremels to high dollar race guns :blink:

I don't mind gunsmithing fees, just hate waiting.... 

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2 hours ago, yigal said:

now u can sell them as short grips at  $120.;)

u took  one screw from cz where is the other?:o


I've tried both Tanfo & CZ screws and they're no go.

Obviously, too long for my aluminium grips.

Does anyone know the correct screws for this type of grips? I stopped by at my local hardware store and they don't have anything close to this size. 




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is the threading good ?

try get few spare screws  from cz or tan. dealer  for this handgun. it must have item.;) standard  size is M3.5x8  and M3.5x6

 cz 75 was designed  under communist regime. they didn't buy   no screws no nuts and no washers. they produce everything inside country.

and  this  M3.5 screw  size  very difficult  to find.

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On 11/1/2017 at 4:12 PM, johnbu said:

Don't cut them!


SELL them and buy the correct "short" version.

I have a set of silver extreme grips  for a Stock 2 that I don't use.  Anyone interested.


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file/grind the screws down to fit?


I have a pair of EGD grips with shortened PD stainless grip screws with reshaped smaller heads to fit the screw pocket reliefs.  The EGD grip screws had some quality control problems and the PD screws were a lifesaver!

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6 hours ago, drivenagain said:

man that looks sharp!!!


I guess I'm getting good at this... here's my latest cut down project.

Worked out perfect.

The key is use flat file and work VERY slowly.

Do not rush unless you want to end up with crappy grips.





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