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We just finished up the 3 gun season at our range in Minot, ND. It was a great year with lots of good times. This was our first year as a 3 gun nation affiliated club. We host a match every month on the 4th sunday of the month. Most months we ran at least one classifier and most everyone enjoyed the new style and the ability to be nationally ranked and see how they compare to more than just our club. Along with the 3 gun nation classifiers we still hold around 3 outlaw stages so we have at least 4 stages a month. Something else that we tried this year was a two man team 3 gun match, we had 13 teams of 2 shoot and everyone said they really enjoyed the new format. With such a great response for the team event we will be running another one next year possibly a little earlier in the year to take advantage of better weather. We had 4 different prop guns throughout the year from Automatic sub machine guns, to revolvers, to precision bolt rifles. Everyone enjoyed trying new guns that they may not have had a chance to ever shoot. This year we had a decent return of our regular shooter, but the big surprise was how many new shooters we got every month. I hope we continue to see as many people show up as possible because we love having everyone out. We will be taking November and December off for the holidays, but we will be starting our indoor 2 gun matches in January on the 28th. our 2 gun matches consist of 3-4 stages where you use your normal 3 gun pistol, and for your rifle any rimfire or pistol caliber carbine. If anyone is interested in getting out to try either one of our multi gun matches let me know or message us on our club facebook page and we can usually get you in touch with someone who would love to help get you out there. I have yet to meet someone who doesn't have fun if they are just willing to get out and try the sport.


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