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Bill Drill Times

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If I remember correctly I shot a 1.75 in the bill drill portion of the "roscoe rattle" classifier (9 yds all A's) from belt. But I wussed out on splits and was probably shooting .15 splits and took a bit longer on sight picture than needed. In practice I can get .11-.13 splits for sub 1.5's easily. I think the fastest I have done in practice so far was 1.35 at 7 yards - .75 "draw" from belt avg .12 splits (.11-.13 splits). 


***Just checked the video - Roscoe Rattle "Bill drill portion" @ 9 yds with No shoots on the C zone boarders on either side was 1.70 all A's. The second portion - 6 shots on target, reload, 6 shots on another target @ 9 yards was 4.60 - semi botched reload and wussed out on splits again.*** 

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We were going from the low ready, a real low ready not half way pointed at the target.  Didn't really know how we were suppose to run a bill drill with pcc haha we did do it from 7 yards as well.


my friend ran his best time with my gun 1.40 and all A's,  I hit a 1.3 something but I threw one out of the A zone by a smidge, we hit the low 1.40's a bunch.   Fastest first shot being a .52. Fastest split we saw was a .12.  Mostly 14-15's.


but it was a hell of a lot of fun.  Just curious how everyone else is doing in it. We said we were gonna make goals so now our new goal

is to hit 1.30.  

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Yeah, I would focus on stock on belt starts. They are slower than low ready and they are also how 100% of the classifiers where you would do something like a bill drill start. Every stage at area 3 was stock on belt or table start for PCC. 


***On a side note, .14-.15 splits are just fine. The difference between .11 and .15 over a course of fire is lost in one bad transition. I would work on transition drills as much as possible with PCC, the flat trigger speed is not where you are going to cut time***


Also, its been a few months since I ran a bill drill. I am curious to see if my time went down any :)

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I will try this on my next trip to the range, probably tomorrow.   Since I posted this long ago I had not run a bill drill until yesterday, 1.38  and I almost pooped myself because I had 2 .10 splits ;P... 



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