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2018 USPSA Nationals

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Thank you.  Based on what i am reading, it seems like it would be too late for me to do anything as far as registration Monday night, that is if i can make it there from the airport by sunset... I'll definitely try, but if the place is closed - i'll just get my ass up early  on Tuesday and be there for the 7:30 am shooter's brief and registration. 

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The range opens at 12:00 on Friday 

It will be open everyday from then on


Registration for Optics opens at the same time, and then again at 6:30am Saturday morning, and will be available till 12:45 for the PM squads.


On Monday the 22nd registration opens for the Factory Gun Match and then on the 23rd  at 6:30am for those that cannot make it and will be available till 12:45 for the PM squads.


Then samething for Limited, 25th at Noon and then 6:30am Friday, till 12:45 for PM squads.


The range will be open everyday from the 19th at noon till the  end of the last match.


Please remember that the folks at registration will be leaving on the 22nd and 25th at 5:30pm to go to the awards ceremonies.


The stages that are not being shot in match 1 are on the ground already.

The only thing will be the stages that change over for match 2 and 3 that will be done after last shots fired, but the range is open the next morning at 6:30.


walking stages is covered on two important pages 20&22


Updated match book with start position and procedures was released earlier today and emailed to all competitors for Optics with important links to the equipment survey and waivers that need to be completed before arriving.



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Is there going to be a gunsmith on site?

During final function test and zero verification last night, the front sight on my primary Single Stack gun broke. I don't want to go to Nationals with only my backup gun.

I'm going to try to get a replacement from Dawson overnight (to arrive Friday) but not entirely sure that will happen and/or that I'll be able to get it fit to my pistol before I leave.

Are sights and gunsmith fitting available at the range on Sunday or Monday?


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