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Shot my first GSSF match (San Antonio)

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So I finally made it to a GSSF match.  I'd been wanting to for a while just to see how it ran.  I was pretty impressed by the self-squadding and the River City folks had the Junior Marines out helping paste, reset, etc.  Very well run.


Being my first, and being a short set of courses, I took four Glocks and entered four categories.


I ended up taking fourth in Unlimited with my USPSA Carry Optics pistol, first behind three Master ranked shooters.  I'm pretty pleased with that performance and now that I understand the scoring/rules a little better I'll probably shoot another one but with just two guns... my Production and CO guns.


Edit: Looks like that means I won Amateur Unlimited and a free Glock!  Woot!  Just waiting for scores to finalize!

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Congrats on your first pistol. I've shot as many as fourteen matches in a year now one or two. GSSF is all over the place on how well the match is run. Most ROs don't shoot it or understand the rules and sort of wing it best they can.

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