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New Match Grade 224/308 Neck Tension Gage

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Several customers have asked for a more precise neck tension gauge.  Our standard gauge has steps of 0.003" which gives you a good idea of where your neck tension lies, but for precision reloading a higher level was desired.   We are happy to announce the match grade 224/308 neck tension gauge.   The trade-off for the increased precision is that the match grade gauge measures neck tension from 0 - 0.004" only.  


Reading this gauge is easier than reading our standard gauge, just insert into the case mouth and count the number of visible rings and that is your neck tension.  For example two visible rings is 2 thousandths of neck tension.


This gauge does not have the extra step for .310/.312 calibers that our standard gauge does, so for those it can't read neck diameters at or larger than .308.


I know that many of our customers have already purchased our standard grade .224/308 neck tension gauge, so for 1 month we are offering a discount for existing customers, use coupon code MATCHUP (you must "view cart" to enter coupon codes prior to checkout).   


Buy yours today.



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