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How to 'lock-out' a few slots in a Practiscore squad


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Is there a way to lock out or reserve a number of slots on a squad in Practiscore?  I like to have one squad that has a couple of seasoned ROs teamed up with any new shooters I have at a match, but the problem is when I or one of the other guys sign up for the match, those squads fill out quick because everyone wants to shoot with them.  I'd like to lock about 5 slots on a squad so that it is not available--and then I can add the new shooters to it on match day.  Is that possible?  I see it in Practiscore for big matches where a portion of a squad or a few squads entirely are not available--for sponsored shooters or ROs, so I think it can be done--I just don't know how.



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Go to the Schedules/Squadding Tab on your upcoming match.

Then Edit Schedules/Squads Tab

Then bottom right hand corner there is a "show squads" to click on.


That should open up your squads and open spots and "reserved spots"

Click on the little pencil icon on the right and change spots accordingly.

When done changing click on the floppy disk icon to save.


You have to open and save each squad individually.



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