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Longer/Stronger grip screws for the CZ Shadow 2

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I got the Double Alpha grips (http://benstoegerproshop.com/double-alpha-academy-daa-cz-sp01-shadow-cz75-series-aluminum-grips/) for my Shadow 2.  The grips are thicker than stock, and the stock screws hold them on by only a few threads.


If you don't tighten the grips tightly, they will slide forward slightly and impede the mag release button from pressing all the way, and your mags won't drop.  While trying to tighten the grips tighter, I threaded out the screws (since only a few threads are catching.


Question: Did anyone else have this problem?  What was your solution?  Can anyone recommend a longer/stronger screw that works for the Shadow 2 grips?  I see this (http://benstoegerproshop.com/cgw-cz-grip-screw-by-cajun-gun-works/) but don't know if it works for the Shadow 2.


Thanks for the help!



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4 minutes ago, rowdyb said:

Home Depot. Seriously. And Loctite.

+1 on that! I have those grips on CM, and they are the best grips for CZ's IMO, but I did require to loctite those screws in so that the grips are secure and do not move. Blue loctite is your friend :)

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