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Stoeger M3000 light loads

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Hi, I'd been having problems for the last year with my m3000 cycling light loads properly, the gun would always eject and chamber the next cartridge, but the bolt wouldn't rotate to the correct position, I'd tried polishing the mag tube and bolt carrier which helped slightly but still the problem would occur about 1 in 20 shots. Yesterday morning when cleaning the bolt assembly I noticed when pushing back the rotating part into the bolt body, it would jam sometimes and not rotate so I took it apart to see what was causing this, on the rotating part of the bolt there is a radius leading into a chamfer which causes it to rotate when pushed back against the pin that holds it in, the chamfer is at a fairly steep angle and this was what caused it to jam, I took about 5-10 degrees off the chamfer with a file and the polished it, when reassembled the bolt rotated flawlessly, I went to local clay shooting range and fired 170 shots without a problem, sorry that was so long winded but hopefully this might help some of you guys. 

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I was having these exact problems today in a competition i participated in. The gun cycles and loads another shell but wont fire the next one. I've never had problems like this before but in this competition i was supplied with the ammo and wasnt able to bring my own...


I took the bolt apart and noticed the same steep angle mentioned here, i filed it down somewhat and now "rotating part" moves much easier and should be enough to fix this problem. (I will report my results when ive done some shooting).


I wanted to reply to this post since theres no other replies and this seems to fix this particular problem.

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i was looking back into my stoeger today, thinking about getting a new/larger extension tube, and while looking through he MOA site saw that they now sell a heavy bolt system for the m300 that supposedly increases reliability with light loads. i have no experience with it or affiliation to the company just thought i would add other "possible" remedies!

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I have a M3000 with similar problems


I was running a 3gun shooter a few years ago, using a M3000. I was the RO. The M3000 had an out of battery discharge and I got a faceful of powder and thankfully not much more.


Now with the problems I am experiencing this out of battery discharge has made me reluctant to mess with the bolt geometry and hammer spring strength.




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I did some more polishing on the extractor and barrel groove, then installed this:



I ran 50 rounds of junk Winchester 7-1/2's, and 10 rounds of the hotter ammo that FTF'd last weekend.


So far, so good, no failures.


(More complete response in the other thread)

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