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Ben Stoeger Skills and Drills Classes, Birmingham, AL 10/23-24 and 10/25-26

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I have slots open for TWO 2-day Skills and Drills classes to be held Monday-Tuesday 10/23-24 and Wednesday-Thursday 10/25-26, respectively.  


The classes will be held at the Brocks Gap Training Center

Cost is $550, range fee is included.


If you are looking for small group shooting that will not only improve your competitive shooting skills but also teach you HOW to effectively train in live fire in the future, this is it.  Ben also provides a plan for what you need to work on next.


PM me if you are interested.





This is a "how to train" class. Whatever level you are at, at the end of the class you should have a good idea of how to get to the next level. We work through a variety of drills from "Skills and Drills" and shoot stages.

This class features difficult scenario style drills and very little fundamental practice. The emphasis in this class is on learning how to do live fire practice sessions.

This is a class that is best done with a smaller group. I also strongly recommend that you have done a Fundamentals class before moving on to this one.




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